We don’t have cable or a Tivo setup, so we watch TV the old fashioned way most of the time. I don’t know if it’s because I’m picky, or if it’s that I’m not willing to pay to watch shows that I think aren’t very good. Whichever it is, I only watch a few shows regularly:

Monday: 24 and Heroes

Tuesday: NCIS and Boston Legal

Wednesday: Jericho, Criminal Minds, and when ABC decides to allow us to watch Lost again in mid-season (ABC seems to really stink at being able to set a schedule for their popular shows still, but I suspect part of it might be coming up with a story that’s halfway believable for Lost)

Thursday: Supernatural

Friday: Ghost Whisperer

Saturday: –

Sunday: Desperate Housewives

I’ve been known to miss episodes of Ghost Whisperer and Criminal Minds, but I almost always catch the other shows when they air. If two shows have the same time slot, I’ll watch the other show online (I watch 24 on TV, then Heroes online, mostly because I can’t get 24 to play on my pc — I guess I’ve got something blocking their weird media format.

As far as the new shows advertised, my husband seems interested in Journeyman, and I might try out Pushing Daisies and CBS’s Moonlight (I couldn’t find a webpage for it, but they have the samo trailer shown on tv on their 2007 CBS Fall Showcase — I’m not very hopeful for this show, but I’ll give it a try.

I don’t watch reality shows or talent competitions (except for the finals, if they don’t run against one of my favorites — if they do run against a fav, I won’t try to watch it later online).

If I had cable, I would have watched The Dresden Files and Farscape. But the Sci Fi channel canceled both of them — I read that Farscape fans had to hound Sci Fi very aggressively just to get them to close out the series for the fans! I HATE when networks suddenly cancel a show, and don’t close out a series properly!

NBC’s Surface had a very large following, with very little promotion on NBC’s part — after they lost all their Thursday hits, and before Heroes. But idiots that be canceled it. The link above is for SaveSurface.com, fans are trying to convince NBC to bring it back. Hopefully since they got rid of the “main idiot”, they’ll bring back their popular show.

According to a lot of articles I’ve read, traditional TV networks are slowly being phased out by the internet. I’d think they’d want to keep their viewers happy by not canceling very popular shows unexpectantly, and closing them out properly. Instead, they seem to be pushing their viewers away by canceling beloved shows, putting out new shows that aren’t very good, and forcing views to watch repeats whenever they’re not able to keep up with their schedules. I wonder if it’s not the traditional networks own fault that people are switching to the internet for their shows.