Since I self-diagnosed myself as having a problem with gluten after doing an elimination diet, I’ve had only a few gut episodes. Most were from my thinking I could eat just a little wheat, until I read that once a gluten-sensitive person stopped wheat they most likely would suffer from hyper-sensitivity if they ate it again. Once I figured that out, I bought non-gluten flour, baking mix, and pasta from the health food store, and the episodes dropped almost completely.

But I did suffer from an episode about a month ago after eating frozen peas with butter. I checked the package, and it only had peas listed. I also looked up the manufacturer’s website, and it stated their vegetables were gluten-free. I figured that I might have made a condiment mistake the day before (there’s hidden gluten in lots of condiments).

I made split pea soup the other day, and had another gut episode all day yesterday. I finally fell asleep after it settled a little, but I woke up feeling like I was fighting off an infection in my throat. I had brain fog, and achy neck and shoulder muscles, but was only slightly warm. I made meatloaf I had put up a few months back, got my husband to peel potatoes, and steamed some frozen broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower mix, then took ibuprofen 800mg, and Tylenol. I feel better, but still puny.

But two times with the peas? That’s not a coincident any more. I did a little search for cross allergies between peas and gluten, but didn’t find anything. I won’t be making peas again though.