Since cutting back on sugar and high-glycemic foods (mostly), then wheat, I felt like I was losing weight. I asked my husband to buy a scale since we haven’t had one since the flood in 2001. He brought home a digital scale that required reading a book to figure out how to work it. At that time, I had lost six pounds, which was acceptable because it was still winter so I didn’t do my outside activities.

Now it’s a few months later, and it’s plenty warm to be outside doing gardening, foraging, and biking, but of course I’m going to start off slow (I do have my bum knee to consider). I’ve continued dropping a pound here and there, except I noticed I put on 2-4 pounds when I have gut episodes, but that’s probably due to inflammation, which retains fluids, and it goes away).

My husband’s noticed I’ve been losing, and he mentioned that he’s lost some weight recently too.

So now I’m noticing I’m losing even more weight, enough that I’m concerned about how quickly I’m losing it. Am I losing it because of malnutrition due to the self-diagnosed celiac? I try not to dwell on it, and fail by weighing myself yet again, only a few hours since my last weigh-in.

OMGosh! I’ve lost two more pounds in just a few short hours!

Reality slaps me upside the head like Jethro in NCIS; it’s probably the digital scale. I’ll get hubby to reweigh himself when he returns from work, and see if he’s lost even more weight since his last weigh-in.