Update on the gut episodes:

After approximately six weeks of no episodes, and eating gluten-free, I had an episode (left lower quadrant) bad enough to send me to the ER of a major hospital system in Houston because I feared intestinal blockage once I started sounding like a beer-swilling sailor. Long story short: Abdominal CT – negative.

GP follow-up: He asked me a lot of questions about the results of the colonoscopy and the CT at the ER, which I could only answer as no polyps or lesions from the colonoscopy, and a negative CT. The GP ordered Celiac bloodwork and CBC because of slight temperature. White count slightly elevated, so started on Cipro and Flagyl; and steroid injection because gut was still extremely inflamed and swollen. He also gave me a prescription for Darvocet 100mg for the pain, with refills thank goodness.

The next afternoon I started feeling better, and the day after that I felt much better, except the antibiotics were making me a little queasy, but I was able to eat roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots for dinner.

I was still getting queasy from the antibiotics the next day, and I still had phenergan 25mg pills the GI had ordered before the colonoscopy, so I took one. OMGosh! I can’t believe how high it made me, granted I’m a lightweight on drugs, but I was drunk and silly while making pesto with GF pasta, then slept 14 hours on that stuff.

I woke up the next day still feeling a bit dopey, and realized I was off my antibiotic schedule. I made sauteed onions with scrambled eggs and took the antibiotics. Later that day the gut pain returned. I took 1/2 Darvocet and a stool softener, and went on liquids. As the pain increased, I took more Darvocet until I had reached the maximum dosage.

The pain continued to increase to a 9 on a 0-10 pain scale, then the sailor-burping started, so hubby took me to a private ER my GP recommended. They did another CT, but this time the ER dr gave a very detailed report to both of us: No diverticulitis pockets! I thought the private ER Dr’s care was far superior to the big company’s ER Dr’s care. The nursing care at both places was pretty good, except for when my discharge blood pressure was elevated, I was given a klonidine and the private ER nurse set the machine to check my BP every 1-2 minutes until it came down. I finally snapped at her to let me be a few minutes before checking it, because it was bugging me so much. Later she sent in the tech, and it had come down.

Today’s follow-up had to be with my GP’s PA because he was booked up. She ordered a urinalysis and sent it for a culture too. She prescribed methylpred 4mg pack steroids after I asked if maybe that’s why I had the good 1.5 days after my last GP visit (I originally thought it was due to the antibiotics, which it still could be).

Right now I’m uncomfortable, with a pain rating of 3 on a 0-10 pain scale while on 2 Darvocet 100mgs. I’m eating soups without wheat or dairy, and fruit. If my pain level remains the same, I’ll drop down to 1 Darvocet. I haven’t been too queasy on the antibiotics today.

EDIT: My Celiac bloodwork was negative, but I hadn’t eaten gluten for at least six weeks when I was tested. I’m still undecided about whether or not I might have Celiac disease, but will continue eating gluten free until my gut episode is finally cleared up. It’s possible my episodes were not gluten related, but just coincidental timing. However, I also think it’s possible the gluten might have triggered something, so I’m not going to challenge myself with gluten until my gut episodes are resolved.