No official diagnosis yet, but feeling almost better. The steroid pills made me feel tense and anxious for about two hours after taking them, so I didn’t get any sleep until last night finally. But with the sleep, steroids, and antibiotics, I feel almost chipper today! Enough to actually go into my teensy garden that I had such big plans for 8^(

Well my tomatoes are looking decent; one was wilted, but they’re all watered and slightly mulched again, as is the single row of corn I managed to get in. A few are showing tassels now; I’m excited because they’re my first corns.

The peppers are still in their seedling containers, and might not make it. I gave them a watering, and if they pull through, I finally got some planters to put them in.

Hubby never did till like I had begged him a few months back, so that’s why there’s so little planted in the ground. I tilled with the grub hoe with my own hands (and back). I dumpster-dove some containers that the tomatoes and peppers were going in, but it turns out they were paint containers that stuck together DOH!

So the few times I felt up to even going out to garden, I wasn’t able to start my planters until I was able to buy some proper ones. But I used some extra space in the rows I had tilled for the tomatoes at least, whew! I can’t put anything into the ground now because it will be blazing July/August temps by the time for plants to produce. I’ll have to wait until September to think about putting anything new into the ground.

I’m afraid to do much more right now; don’t want to over-do things and relapse. But if I’m still up to it later this evening when it cools off, and the peppers recovered, I’ll put them into the planters 8^)