It stormed a little bit two days ago, but it wasn’t too awful where I live, but I heard other parts of town lost power. But I was very grateful for the rain, plus it really cooled things down, which was great. Yesterday it got up to 94F before more storms came through, but this time they hit me harder — no flooding thank goodness, but we lost power with a big lightning blast.

I kept waiting for the power to come back on like it usually does, but after the storm passed, we figured it wouldn’t come back until the Centerpoint guys fixed it. I was hungry and didn’t want to cook in the dark since I guessed the outtage probably wouldn’t be long term, so I went to buy dinner for the first time in months.

First I looked around to see who had lights, and the across-the-street neighbors had theirs (not the first time we’ve lost power, but they kept theirs), and the same side of the street on the next block had theirs too, but not the ones on my side of the street. My immediate neighbors weren’t home from work yet, so I drove around to my caddy-corner backyard neighbors, and their power was out and they’d already called it in. So off to find food.

I passed Wendy’s, Whataburger, and Taco Bell without a second thought; I wasn’t about to chance another gut episode with cheaper foods. I saw the Wings place, thought that would be ok as long as I got potatoes for the soluble fiber, and pulled in; their power was out too, sigh.

I remembered Quiznos was down the street, but far enough away that it might be on a different transformer grid, and headed there. They were open, and I got Sammies because most of their breads have whole grains. I tried calling hubby to see which chips he wanted, but the cellphone service in that area must have been down.

Power was still out when I got home, so we ate by the hurricane lamp. After eating, I went to the local store for ice to put in the freezer and fridge, and got the last two bags. I didn’t worry about it much at first because both were pretty full, and would hold onto the cold temperatures better with so much bulk, but after a few hours, I knew I was risking things not getting ice. I had to rearrange (smush) things just to get the ice in the freezer.

He watched a DVD on the portable DVD player I bought for his birthday until the battery ran out; he got out the cheap DC backup doodad so he could finish watching the movie. He found the miniature battery-operated TV so I could watch the news at 9p in case anything about the outage was covered, but it didn’t make the news. I heated the coffee in the carafe on our gas stove after we got grumpy with each other.

The hurricane lamps were making the areas close by too hot, so I switched to candles, and a solar LED light he found dumpster diving. He went outside again to see if the Centerpoint crew was still working, and to cool off before bed.

The power came back on around 10p, and I cranked the AC down a few degrees so the house would cool off quicker, then turned it back up about 30 minutes later so the bill wouldn’t be too high from forgetting about it. Everything was still frozen solid in the freezer, and cold in the fridge. Today, hubby heard from his coworker that some areas near us in Pasadena were still without power this morning, so I guess things could have been worse.