I ordered this Spin Dryer because I’m tired of carrying heavy baskets full of wet clothes to the clothesline to save money on utilities. Sure, it will use a little power, but not nearly as much as a traditional dryer.

I think it’s much smaller than a traditional dryer too.

They also have a manual washing ‘machine’ I’ve been wanting. I received the email from them that they were finally in stock again, but after going to their mini-washer webpage, there was a note in red about how the frame didn’t fit correctly. So I wrote them to let me know when they receive the properly fitted washing machines from the manufacturer. I mostly want it for when there’s a power outage, which happens frequently on the coast because there’s so many thunderstorms (or worse).

They used to have some electric mini-washing machines too, but they’re not on the washing machine webpage anymore. Apparently these people sell out certain things quickly. So when I see an electric mini-washing machine, I’m ordering it ASAP.