Karen Knows Best blog had a post about people making out in public: What’s So Great About Outdoor Sex? It reminded me of this story, so I wrote it in the comments there, but I wanted a copy on my blog so I could enjoy it later on, after I forget about it again:

I was cocktail waitressing at a fairly popular nightclub during the
early evening on a slow night. On the slow nights, they ”closed” down
half of the club by having the lights turned off.

A couple we’d never seen before went straight for the back corner in
the dark ”closed” area, and started making out in a round booth that
was the VIP booth on busy nights. Me and the other waitress took turns
walking all the way to the other side to see if they wanted to order,
but they acted like we were interrupting their makeout session, so we
slowed down our trips.

A little while later, one of started to make the trip again, but
returned to the open area after noticing they were about to ”engage”!

We enjoyed eating the ice there because it was soft, so we always
had ice handy during slower times, so one of us chunked ice across the
room at the couple. I swear I can’t remember which one of us did it
first, but after the shocked giggles, the other one chunked some ice

At first, nobody else there knew what we were doing, because we
tried to cover our throwing motions. But because we were giggling so
much, some looked over and caught us.

It didn’t take very long before all the other customers in there
were chunking tiny soft ice pieces at the couple. Not all hit them
because it was such a long distance, but I bet at least 1 in 4 hit
them. They’d look around a little at first, then all of us would look
away…la la la.

Eventually the bartender ratted us out to the manager who had
finally come out from the office. He chewed both of us out quietly for
a few minutes — we were still on the floor, but the customers kept
chunking ice while we explained how the woman’s top was up and we
actually saw her boob a few times, and he was working on her lower
parts when we started throwing the ice.

With all the customers laughing because they were still taking turns
chunking ice, the manager finally started laughing himself. So that was
the end of our chewing out, because it’s hard to chew someone out when
you’re laughing.

The customers really were into chunking ice by that time, and no
longer took turns. It was like a minor hail storm by the time the
public nookie couple left. Everyone cheered, bought each other drinks,
and it was one of our better nights in drink sales for slow nights. Ah
camaraderie against pervs LOL