Crunchy Chicken is hosting a challenge: Hitch up your wagon for Pioneer Week! Participants are supposed to make our meals from scratch, including pasta, butter, and cheese; decrease energy and water usuage; decrease driving as much as possible; our entertainment is supposed to more old-fashioned like reading, games, or crafts; and try not to buy anything.

I need Halloween candy anyway, so I’ll be buying fresh veggies (I’ll be watching my soluble vs insoluble fibers for our IBS, which has been behaving pretty good lately with the prebiotics and digestive enzymes), flour for homemade bread and pasta (the processed AP kind, not whole grain, which has given me numerous IBS attacks), and lots of whole milk for butter, yogurt, and cheese (oh and some whole cream too).

I doubt I’ll be able to get hubby to not bring his beloved processed frozen lunches, but maybe if I make his favorite meals, I might be able to get him to carry leftovers a few times.

I’m just glad the challenge doesn’t require not using electricity at all (I had enough of that with Hurricane Ike!)