Crunchy Chicken is hosting a challenge: Hitch up your wagon for Pioneer Week! Participants are supposed to make our meals from scratch, including pasta, butter, and cheese; decrease energy and water usuage; decrease driving as much as possible; our entertainment is supposed to more old-fashioned like reading, games, or crafts; and try not to buy anything.

I need Halloween candy anyway, so I’ll be buying fresh veggies (I’ll be watching my soluble vs insoluble fibers for our IBS, which has been behaving pretty good lately with the prebiotics and digestive enzymes), flour for homemade bread and pasta (the processed AP kind, not whole grain, which has given me numerous IBS attacks), and lots of whole milk for butter, yogurt, and cheese (oh and some whole cream too).

I doubt I’ll be able to get hubby to not bring his beloved processed frozen lunches, but maybe if I make his favorite meals, I might be able to get him to carry leftovers a few times.

I’m just glad the challenge doesn’t require not using electricity at all (I had enough of that with Hurricane Ike!)

I haven’t blogged much here since I had a few more gut attacks, when I figured out I wasn’t Celiac after all, but responded to IBS triggers (mine is insoluble fibers). Then the attacks slowed down quite a bit, but I still had a few moderate attacks while learning a new diet.

Now that I finally figured out what was causing those painful gut attacks, I wanted to blog about it. But, I was also thinking about trying out monetizing a blog. From what I read, blogs now do better if they’re tightly focuses — or a niche blog. Well, I was blogging whatever here, so it certainly wouldn’t qualify as niche, so I started a new one just for IBS, called IBS Nurse.

I wanted to put some unobtrusive ads on it, so I found a new server which allowed sub-domains, so I started another blog too: Shreela’s Online Money Experiment.

And I even started a Squidoo Lens: Diagnosing Gut Pain, which was quite a learning curve. I think I’m most proud of the movies for Celiac Disease and IBS, and the Digestive Enzymes voting section I just added. I may or may not make money from that Squidoo Lens; there’s a lot of stuff I’m not comfortable linking too (like IBS cures that are just expensive enemas — repeated enemas are unhealthy, and only a temporary cure for IBS-C, why not find what’s causing it so you can prevent attacks instead? And take supplements that’ve been tested like probiotics instead). But I’ll never know unless I try it, so I’m sticking with the Squidoo Lens on Diagnosing Gut Pain because it might help someone else find what’s causing their gut pain after their doctors rule out the more serious conditions.

I did manage to get a few things planted in my garden during this time, but even though I put in compost and manure, they still did poorly. I can’t convince my husband to till with the rototiller to loosen up the gumbo soil because he says it’s pointless. So I’m going to try container gardening for Houston’s second season (starting any time now).

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately 8^)

I ordered this Spin Dryer because I’m tired of carrying heavy baskets full of wet clothes to the clothesline to save money on utilities. Sure, it will use a little power, but not nearly as much as a traditional dryer.

I think it’s much smaller than a traditional dryer too.

They also have a manual washing ‘machine’ I’ve been wanting. I received the email from them that they were finally in stock again, but after going to their mini-washer webpage, there was a note in red about how the frame didn’t fit correctly. So I wrote them to let me know when they receive the properly fitted washing machines from the manufacturer. I mostly want it for when there’s a power outage, which happens frequently on the coast because there’s so many thunderstorms (or worse).

They used to have some electric mini-washing machines too, but they’re not on the washing machine webpage anymore. Apparently these people sell out certain things quickly. So when I see an electric mini-washing machine, I’m ordering it ASAP.

No official diagnosis yet, but feeling almost better. The steroid pills made me feel tense and anxious for about two hours after taking them, so I didn’t get any sleep until last night finally. But with the sleep, steroids, and antibiotics, I feel almost chipper today! Enough to actually go into my teensy garden that I had such big plans for 8^( (more…)