I started an account with LiveMocha, a social language-learning website, to learn Spanish. I’ve tried to learn Spanish two other times in the past, once at an adult learning center, and once at the hospital I used to work at that offered a trial Medical-Spanish course. Neither taught me how to carry a decent conversation in Spanish because it seems teaching English speakers about making the entire sentence singular or plural; male or female, past or present, is too difficult for English speakers to learn in the short period of time they offered the courses. Once the Medical Spanish instructor saw this happening, she at least translated many phrases important to each of our medical specialties. (more…)

I was using Google to combine the dry ingredients in a recipe so I could divide it in half, to save some for later. I got the total amount in milliliters, but when I tried dividing that in half, I somehow ended up with millimeters and centimeters.
Screenshot of my recipe amounts converted to centimeters

I should be able to fit the saved batch fit into the freezer, since it’s a bit under 6 inches.

I received an email from Amazon giving a link for mTurkers to volunteer their time to look through Google Earth images for Steve Fossett’s plane, or parts of the plane. I’m very impressed at this combined technology that allows mTurkers anywhere to look for downed planes.

After the image is a form with two radio buttons: Yes, this image contains foreign objects that should be looked at more closely — OR — No, this image contains nothing of interest; then there’s a text box for clarifying comments if we answered yes. Each image is reviewed by many mTurkers to make sure we don’t miss something individually. Wow, way to speed up looking through images! I’ve looked through about twenty so far.