Awful Plastic Surgery was a fun snarky celebrity plastic surgery blog, but the last few months their newsfeed through FeedBurner has intermittantly been setting off many security warnings from my browser or other security settings/programs. (more…)

I started an account with LiveMocha, a social language-learning website, to learn Spanish. I’ve tried to learn Spanish two other times in the past, once at an adult learning center, and once at the hospital I used to work at that offered a trial Medical-Spanish course. Neither taught me how to carry a decent conversation in Spanish because it seems teaching English speakers about making the entire sentence singular or plural; male or female, past or present, is too difficult for English speakers to learn in the short period of time they offered the courses. Once the Medical Spanish instructor saw this happening, she at least translated many phrases important to each of our medical specialties. (more…)

I don’t update Firefox unless it’s a major release in the hopes of the bugs having been worked out. But either there’s new options in Firefox 3 that I need to learn to configure properly, or it’s buggy as far as saving sessions and cookies.

Sometimes it will open with an older session, and occasionally there’ll be no menu bars, just the tabs area. I can’t figure out a way to pull up any menu bars without the main menu (File, Edit, View, ect…), so I have to close and restart. Other times it will start with an older session, but at least my menus are loaded. My husband’s noticed his sessions load sporadically too.

And either Firefox 3, and/or Enhanced Cookie Manager are no longer saving my protected cookies like I’ve grown used to over the last few releases. I’m having to sign in to regular sites every time I load Firefox. Enhanced Cookie Manager was supposedly compatible with Firefox 3, so maybe some new security/privacy enhancements have been put into FF3 or ECM that need tweaking, but I’m not ruling out FF3 being buggy because it’s human nature to blame the new release when someone’s miffed at it 8^P

Under Options | Privacy | Cookies, I’m configured to accept cookies, and to delete them after they expire. Under Options | Privacy | Private Data, I’m configured to Always ask me before clearing private data. The Cookie Manager doesn’t appear to have changed with the release of FF3.

I just want FF3 to stop eating my cookies and sessions.

I still had occasional gut episodes after eliminating gluten from my diet; I studied hidden gluten from many informative websites and read labels closely to make sure I didn’t eat hidden gluten by mistake. Since I had already ruled out the biggest diseases: colon cancer (colonoscopy), ovarian and uterine cancer (pelvic ultrasound), diverticulitis (CT scan), cervical cancer (pap smear), Celiac (bloodwork), and bladder infection (urinalysis w/ culture). I never saw signs of bleeding (fresh blood, tarry stools, or coffee-ground stools), so it probably isn’t ulcerative colitis. I decided it was time to do more research. (more…)

It stormed a little bit two days ago, but it wasn’t too awful where I live, but I heard other parts of town lost power. But I was very grateful for the rain, plus it really cooled things down, which was great. Yesterday it got up to 94F before more storms came through, but this time they hit me harder — no flooding thank goodness, but we lost power with a big lightning blast.

I kept waiting for the power to come back on like it usually does, but after the storm passed, we figured it wouldn’t come back until the Centerpoint guys fixed it. I was hungry and didn’t want to cook in the dark since I guessed the outtage probably wouldn’t be long term, so I went to buy dinner for the first time in months. (more…)

No official diagnosis yet, but feeling almost better. The steroid pills made me feel tense and anxious for about two hours after taking them, so I didn’t get any sleep until last night finally. But with the sleep, steroids, and antibiotics, I feel almost chipper today! Enough to actually go into my teensy garden that I had such big plans for 8^( (more…)

Update on the gut episodes:

After approximately six weeks of no episodes, and eating gluten-free, I had an episode (left lower quadrant) bad enough to send me to the ER of a major hospital system in Houston because I feared intestinal blockage once I started sounding like a beer-swilling sailor. Long story short: Abdominal CT – negative. (more…)