I brought the scale in here so I could look it up online, but Health o meter no longer has our model on their site. I weighed myself a few more times in here, on hardwood floors, and got the same weight each time. Umm, we got all the weird readings when it was on the bathroom floor, with tiles, oops.

Now that it’s in here on the hardwood floor, it’s given the same reading many times in a row, about where I should be. But I did lose another pound, yay! And more yay that I’m not losing it too quickly like I thought.

Since cutting back on sugar and high-glycemic foods (mostly), then wheat, I felt like I was losing weight. I asked my husband to buy a scale since we haven’t had one since the flood in 2001. He brought home a digital scale that required reading a book to figure out how to work it. At that time, I had lost six pounds, which was acceptable because it was still winter so I didn’t do my outside activities. (more…)